Top 10 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Bangladesh

Top 10 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh strides towards digitalization, the role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has become increasingly vital. With a growing economy and a tech-savvy population, the demand for reliable and high-speed internet is at an all-time high. In this article, we will explore the top 10 ISPs in Bangladesh that are providing robust services and contributing to the country’s digital landscape.

Top 10 Internet Service Providers in Bangladesh

1. Link3 Technologies Ltd.

Link3 Technologies is renowned for its reliable and fast broadband services, particularly in metropolitan areas such as Dhaka and Chittagong. Known for their excellent customer support, Link3 caters to both residential and business customers, offering a variety of plans tailored to meet diverse needs.

2. City Online Ltd.

City Online is recognized for its high-quality internet services predominantly in urban areas. They provide a range of packages that appeal to both individual and corporate clients, focusing on delivering consistent speeds and reliable connectivity with excellent customer service.

3. Access Telecom (BD) Ltd.

Access Telecom is known for its innovative approach to providing internet and data communication services. They offer cutting-edge solutions for both residential and business sectors, focusing on delivering high-speed connectivity and dependable service across several regions of Bangladesh.

4. ICC Communication Ltd.

ICC Communication offers a wide range of internet services, including broadband and fiber optics solutions. They are particularly praised for their reliable customer service and competitive pricing, making them a popular choice among users looking for stable and fast internet connections.

5. BRACNet Ltd.

Initially started as a joint venture between BRAC and US investors, BRACNet has evolved to become one of the leading ISPs, focusing on providing internet solutions to educational institutions and NGOs. Their services are also available to the general public, where they offer high-speed internet with a focus on community development.

6. Amber IT Ltd.

Amber IT has a strong presence in the ISP market with a reputation for reliable business and residential broadband services. They offer a broad range of internet packages, emphasizing quality customer service and high-speed internet across major cities.

7. Aamra Networks Ltd.

Specializing in corporate solutions, Aamra Networks is dedicated to delivering dedicated internet services to businesses throughout Bangladesh. Known for their reliable business-grade internet and robust support services, they are a top choice among local and international businesses.

8. Triangle Services Limited

Triangle Services Limited provides comprehensive internet solutions that include broadband services and IT consulting. They are noted for their innovative approach and strong technical support, serving both business clients and individual users with high-quality internet services.

9. Dot Internet

Dot Internet excels in providing customized internet solutions tailored to the specific needs of their customers. Known for their flexible plans and competitive pricing, Dot Internet is especially popular among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

10. Carnival Internet

Carnival Internet is known for its robust infrastructure and excellent service delivery, particularly in urban settings. They offer diverse internet plans that cater to different user needs, ensuring high customer satisfaction with reliable and fast internet services.

Top 100 Mbps Internet Providers In Dhaka

Top 100 Mbps Internet Providers In Dhaka

In Dhaka, several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer plans with speeds of 100 Mbps, catering to the high demand for fast and reliable internet connections. Here’s a list of some prominent ISPs in Dhaka that provide internet services at or around 100 Mbps:


  1. Link3 Technologies Ltd. – Known for its reliable service, Link3 offers various fiber-optic plans that include speeds of 100 Mbps, popular among both residential and corporate clients.
  2. Cityonline Ltd. – Cityonline Ltd. provides high-speed fiber-optic internet with multiple plans, including options at 100 Mbps, suitable for intensive internet users and small businesses.
  3. Carnival Internet – This ISP is praised for its robust infrastructure and offers several fiber-optic packages with 100 Mbps speeds, focusing on delivering consistent performance.
  4. Dot Internet – Offering flexible plans to cater to different needs, Dot Internet has options around 100 Mbps, which are great for streaming, gaming, and heavy downloading.
  5. Banglalion Communications Ltd. – While primarily known for wireless broadband, Banglalion also offers fixed broadband services at competitive speeds, including 100 Mbps, depending on the package.


The ISP landscape in Bangladesh is vibrant and competitive, with each provider offering unique strengths. From extensive coverage in rural areas to ultra-fast speeds in urban centers, and specialized corporate services, these top 10 ISPs are integral in connecting Bangladesh to the global digital economy. As the country’s digital transformation accelerates, the role of these ISPs will only become more significant, paving the way for a more connected and digitally inclusive future.

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