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24/7 Customer Support

Guick Customer Support Response Time less Than 30 Minutes
Dedicated support Engineers for clients
Productive Monitoring

Billing Support

We know how important continuous connectivity is to you, so we always strive to provide you immediate support in case of any billing related issue.Call us at our dedicated Hotline – +8801701299940

General Support

We have our very own call center just to tend to your needs. For any internet connectivity issues you experience or any sort of queries, feel free to call us at our dedicated Hotline – +8801404000504,+8801404000505,+8801404000506,8801404000507

Pre-Sales Support

Before you make a purchase, our dedicated support team can scope out your area to see if we can provide you our service there. We are continuously expanding our coverage to reach out to all of you.Call us at our dedicated Hotline – +8801404000526,+8801404000527

Technical Support

Need to reset your router or modem? Or change your Self-Care password? Any other technical issues? Our technicians are always ready to serve. Call us at our dedicated Hotline – +8809611699533


Name: Md. Amir Hossain
Mobile: +8801404000504
Email: amir@cityonlinebd.net

Name: Md. Raihan Hossain
Mobile: +8801404000506
Email: raihan@cityonlinebd.net

Name: Md. Rasedul Khan Rashel
Mobile: +8801404000508
Email: rasedul@cityonlinebd.net

Name: Md. Sifat Hossain
Mobile: +8801404000507
Email: sifat@cityonlinebd.net

Name: Md. Abul Hasan
Mobile: +8801404000502
Email: hasan@cityonlinebd.net

Name: Md. Faisal Ahmed
Mobile: +8801404000525
Email: faisal@cityonlinebd.net

Name: Md. Nabin Khan
Mobile: +8801404000500
Email: nabin@cityonlinebd.net

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