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let your business to grow with us

Cloud IP-PBX

Enjoy free PBX system by connecting to our IP-PBX platform
Zero CapEx
Scalable depending on your staffing needs

Email Hosting Service

Zimbra Hosted Email Solutions, Microsoft Email

Domain Name Registration

Establish your business identity on the world wide web
Improve Search Engine Ranking

Web Hosting

Hosting opportunity for your website
Domain-Associated Email Address

Safe DNS

Enables you to control internet access in your organization
Clean Internet Increase productivity


Shields against email-borne viruses, malware and spam
Protects your network from viruses and malware.
Save Internet bandwidth

Redundant Link

A backup link to keep your Internet operational

Video Conferencing

Online meeting with participants from remote places
Save travel costs
Demonstrate your product remotely

Complementary Home Internet

One Home Internet connection for IT Manager for support from home
One Home Internet connection for working from home

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protect your websites and applications against fraud or data theft
Prevents Data Leak

Data Connectivity

Leading-edge MPLS technology for absolute privacy
Provider independence for increased resilience
Features service level guarantees for latency, jitter and packet loss
Enterprise-grade security and accessibility
24/7 monitoring, management and support

Better Network solution

Applicable for high speed Wi-Fi connection